Banner Pits

I snuck away for lunch hour to Banner Pits to get a ride with a little intensity in it and check out the tubeless tires to make sure they were good to go for the weekend.

My hat is off to the trail crew and oodles of volunteers that have put in their time to get this trail built. Wow! is about all I can say. There are some amazing drops and some super steep short climbs all mixed in with plenty of tight switchbacks and a lot of balancing act moves on sidecuts that keep one's attention throughout. This is a very unique trail and it is a joy to see it come to fruition. I tried it out on Monday and again Thursday during lunch hour. This is a difficult trail and certainly not for beginners. I'm not sure if it will be a direction specific loop (sections of it look to be with a jump and a super steep drop or two) or not when completed, but I rode it both ways yesterday and enjoyed riding in both directions. I'm going to need to get about a dozen rides in out there just to get the flow and balance down.

If I am in town and not at work, I must - repeat MUST - attend a trail work day to chip in and help as the loop gets finished and ready for the end of May XC race. The stars have never aligned for me to attend one of those (I was either out of town or had to be at work). I didn't head over to ride the beginner trail as I assume it still has a lot of flood damage from a few weeks ago and needs to dry out for a few weeks. But the new trail is a top notch feather in the CITA trail system and a must ride for anyone serious about mountain biking.

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