MSP - onto the 2nd half...

Due to the cancellation of today's Psycowpath #1 race, I began the second ten day block of MSP intervals yesterday after work to complete my pre-season final race training before I rotate into my in-season training plan. I had planned on using the race as day one of the block, but moved it to last night instead. I had been doing my rest/recovery week which included an hour trail ride out at Lake Ahquabi on Wednesday (very muddy ride). With the race cancellation, I shortened my rest and recovery week by one day.

After a good warm-up with the FM radio blasting out tunes from my generation - I launched into 2 reps of 20 minutes on with a 10 minute recovery spin between the intervals. My target was for a total MSP workload of 40 minutes. Both 20 minute intervals showed a significant improvement over my early season 20 minute FTP test in terms of average power (wattage) which I was pleased to see.

It's a real mind game to complete these intervals, but I like doing them on the trainer because the computer does not lie and you are able to monitor yourself to keep the RPM's where they need to be no matter how much it hurts. I don't have a computer on my bike, so no matter how I try to do these intervals out on the bike path - I cannot get the consistent feedback and power that I can on the C7i (even though I think I am!!!!). I felt the first two or three minutes of each interval were "too easy", but was careful not to adjust my cadence or increase the power level because I know as the longer intervals progress - it gets more difficult. Sure enough, the heart rate climbed up to the target area of heart rate that is consistent with the 95% - 100% of MSPO I was targeting. The last 5 minutes of each 20 minute interval was difficult and had me curling my lip and noticing the pile of drool collecting all over the bike and on the floor. '-)

I may head outside today for the intervals to do them on the bike path where there is a 10 - 12 minute climb from Banner Pits to Indianola which makes it difficult to cheat. I just turn around and go climb the same section several times using the return trip down the hill as my recovery spin between efforts. I won't be able to monitor the cadence to stay consistent, but it will force me to fight all the way up the hill.

My wife is heading up to audition for the I-Cubs to sing the national anthem at a game this season. So I will do my intervals while she is warbling the banner.

Edit: I did today's session outside. I always marvel at how one can ride east, north and south and somehow be riding dead into the tooth of the wind the entire way. Only going west was I with the wind. Too bad that only involved 10 minutes out of a 2 hour ride!!!! Call me befuddled, but that's what the wind was like today. Somehow blowing against wherever I was going. It made going downhill seem like I was going uphill. And it made going uphill quite a chore today.

Legs and lungs are pooped. Two rest days before continuation of MSP intervals.

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