SMSP Interval Training Block #3 is underway...

And, just like my last post, the phase for hitting the maximum heart rate during intervals continues...

Here's what is on tap:

Sunday: 9 reps of 4 minutes on; 4 minutes off = 36 minutes of interval work
Monday: 15 reps of 2 minutes on; 2 minutes off = 30 minutes of interval work

I am a few days behind in doing this 3rd block, but I had to sing Schubert and Schumann in a Salon Evening Concert last night and wanted to be in vocal shape for that event.

Although I am tempted to ride outside, I am staying on the trainer to monitor and make my power for each of these 4 minute and 2 minute interval sessions. 4th and final SMSP Phase Block at the end of this week...

Reminder to self: No weight lifting during this block!!!

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