MSP Block in the bag...time to rest!

I went back to read my posts from March/April of last year to see how this pre-season training compares to last year. One always wants to see improvement year over year in their training, and my wattage numbers are slightly ahead this year with the same heart rate which is nice to see.

I am about one or two days ahead of last year at this point and about 2-3 weeks ahead of my pre-season weight loss from last year.

I did 3 days of MSP Intervals this weekend targeting 96 - 100% of my my MSPO.

Friday: 2 reps of 18 minutes with 9 minutes rest between
Saturday: 3 reps of 10 minutes with 5 minutes rest between
Sunday: 3 reps of 8 minutes with 4 minutes rest between

I was supposed to hit a 4th interval on Sunday, but I was pushing a higher power than last year and dinner was ready, so I decided the gains in power output this year were enough to warrant skipping the 4th 8 minute interval. 2 of the 3 days last year for this block were done outside without a power meter. It was warmer and the ground was dry enough for some dirt riding this time last year. However, this year I did the 3 day block all inside on the C7i so I couldn't cheat and had my HR monitor and power meter. Not to mention, the recent snow kept me inside.

Everything else compares to last year. The first Psycowpath race is slated for this upcoming Saturday. So this week will be a bit of rest and recovery with some leg primers to get ready for race #1. I'll use the race as day one of the 2nd 10 day MSP block. I'm not sure if the race will take place as planned with all the snow, rain and lack of drying conditions. Maybe things have been different near Norfolk, NE, but I'll be watching the Nebraska site for updates this week.

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