SMSP Interval Phase has begun...

Sunday was day 1 of the three week SMSP Interval Phase. Looking over my 2007 and 2008 numbers, I was to target 18 minutes of high end work time for day one, but I had to adjust that because of my need to run a 20 minute FTP test to see where I am fitness wise so that I can build my training plan for the next few months.

I warmed up for 32 minutes with some shorter sprints and intervals like I would for a race and then launched into the 20 minute all-out FTP test and played the mental game to keep going after the first 8 minutes. I made it through the test, recorded my data and after spinning for 10 minutes did my first SMSP intervals.

2 sets were performed that were 4 reps of 1 minute on; 1 minute off with 5 minutes of spin between sets. Total high end work of 8 minutes + the FTP. I'm not sure how an FTP fits in as it is more of an MSP type of interval, but I was cooked enough to say day one of SMSP will count.

Today (Monday) looked like this before heading off to work:

20 minutes warm-up
10 reps of 2 minutes on; 2 minutes off

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