Riding Outside - Finally!

Pre-SuperBowl ride for me was finally outside for a non-stop 2 hours and 8 minutes in the 37 - 40 degree temps. Boy, it felt good to ride on the bike and not the exercise bike for a change. I enjoyed the Texas Hills (wind that is), all the ice and slush on the bike trail and getting some miles in on the Dos Niner. The bike felt great with the new housing/cables, grips, levers, rotors, spacers, stems and what not. I kept it in Zone 1/2/3 and was ready to get another hour or two in, but I had to get the kids delivered to their respective SuperBowl Fiestas as well as shower and go up to Des Moines for the grown-ups party.

I had a small recovery ride this morning with the dogs and did my weights before heading off to work.

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