Making my weekly hours...

I think I'm actually going to make my goal of getting more than 7 hours in on the bike this week. I'm at 5:40 right now with the weekend yet to go. I was able to get 2 hours in today for my Friday lunch break with temperatures hitting 58!!! Tomorrow looks to be in the 50's again and my wife is going to head out on the road with me for a couple of hours.

We thought about doing the annual BRRR ride tomorrow, but I can't justify paying $35 each when we can get some road miles in around here for free.

Monday begins a rest/recovery week before launching into the SMSP Interval Phase. I've managed to pedal off 7 pounds during this Endurance Phase and have about 3 more to go. Hopefully, I can contain my calories during the rest/recovery week...

We're being a boring married couple after a tough work week tonight. We'll sit in front of the fire place and eat omelets, drink a glass of wine and hang out at home while the kids are out and about participating in their activities.

Edit: My wife and I got in 2 hours today. That puts my weekly total at 7:40 (plus my morning 20 minute rides with the dogs which I am not counting in my time on the bike). I have Sunday's ride yet to go, but it looks like I might end up pretty close to 9 1/2 - 10 hours for the week. That's a nice bump from the previous weeks.

Sunday Update: Got in 2 1/2 hours - Indianola to Carlisle and back. Weekly total of 10:10 (plus my daily morning dog runs which I don't count). Riding outside certainly helps boost the hours on the bike compared to riding indoors on the exercise bike.

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