All parts are in...

...for the JET. The last item to arrive was the black carbon Jagwire Ripcord kit. This week and next are not looking good in terms of my work schedule and my performing the next two weekends in some concerts. The first week of March looks good though as most of my students will be out of town on a choir tour leaving me with some free time that week before spring break. Regardless, the parts are all here and waiting.

My scheduled workout was Tuesday to be off the bike and Wednesday for an hour in Zone 2. I knocked out the hour Zone 2 ride before dinner last night after work. I've noticed being dehydrated this week following the intense interval sessions, so I'm trying to up my water consumption on the bike and following exercise. It's not good for my voice to be dehydrated - especially going into a concert this weekend. Time to hydrate today.

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