Watch out for parked cars!!!

I thought I was just about in one of those goofy clips from the old show "Laugh In" this morning where the bike hits the curb or a parked car and the rider falls over before they cut away to Goldie Hawn in her bikini.

On a street where I have ridden with the dogs for the past 5 years, I was buzzing along this morning all bundled up in my winter garb out in the cold taking them for their morning walk. I was looking down and checking my brake housing or something on my bike when all of a sudden I saw just a few feet in front of me a parked car. I hit the brakes hard and stopped just shy of an inch or two from the rear bumper. Glad the disc brakes were working so well!!! I've never, ever seen a car parked in that section of the street (it's a no parking zone) in 5 years time and I have no idea how I missed seeing it coming around the corner and riding along. Hey, at least it got my heart rate up which never hurts while exercising, right?

As one of my favorite bumper stickers and t-shirts has said the past few years "January 20th, 2009 - the end of an error" finally happened today. Man, that took incredible patience not only for many Americans, but most of the world. The page now turns and forward goes our history....

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