Rest and Recovery Day...

Well I made my 3rd day of the block training ride in the basement yesterday after work with classic rock blaring in the background to motivate me. I started the ride a bit later than I was hoping to as I didn't get out of the office right at 5 as planned. This meant I had to cut the trainer session short at 1 hour 20 minutes when the dinner bell rang. I was hungry. Very hungry. So I hopped off the trainer, wiped myself down and headed up for salmon and whole wheat basil stuffed pasta to rebuild.

After this morning's jaunt in the neighborhood on the bike with the dogs in this balmy -11 degree weather, I'll take 2 days off the bike to rest and recover. Weights on Sunday followed by some mileage on the trainer. 6 pounds dropped so far this month during the endurance phase. That may change this weekend with the festivities around the house of a birthday dinner/celebration that includes prime rib and all the trimmings. I've got a rest and recovery week coming up the last week of this month, so I have one more week to accomplish a bit more body weight trimming in this endurance phase.

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