Power Phase begins...

I extended the Strength Phase of weight lifting an additional 2 weeks, took a week off and entered the Power Phase yesterday. This is the fun one where you cut back to a lower percentage of your 1 Rep Max and do sets of 8; 6; 4; 3 reps adding weight with each set and doing them "fast and furious", hopping off the floor and generally raising eyebrows in the gym. It felt good to do yesterday as all those heavier loads are now set aside for the lower body to enter this power phase which includes work on the bike as well.

There is a 30 minute challenge going on at my gym to improve your distance covered on the LifeCycle exercise bikes. You are allowed to warm-up, but once you start your 30 minute segment one is not allowed to change the power level. So you pedal for 30 minutes, and following your "ride" you list your power level and distance on the board to compare with other people in the challenge.

For whatever reason yesterday after lifting weights, I decided to "peg" it and see if I could top my previous distance covered last week. This is my month of building up aerobic endurance, so I knew I would be taking myself out of the proper zone if I went too hard. I warmed up for 15 minutes and then took some water and headed into my "challenge 30 minutes". Well, pretty soon the heart rate climbed right up to the 163 - 177 area which is getting a bit high for my January goals, but I rode it out for the 30 minutes wondering why the gym felt so "warm" in the middle of January. HA! Well, in spite of my effort I missed last week's distance by less than a 10th of a mile. Odd, I was in a higher power level which I thought meant I covered more distance with each pedal stroke. I was keeping it at 97 - 103 rpm for the entire 30 minutes, but I guess last week's one notch lower power level and slightly higher cadence covered more distance. Oh well, I was cooked for the day with the weights and 45 minutes on the exercise bike (with it's very wide saddle).

Tomorrow's ride will be a little tamer in terms of cadence, but I will shoot for my target duration (1 1/2 - 2 hours) provided I get home from work in time to get it all in before dinner. I had to have the mini-van towed away today since it wouldn't start with or without a jump. I will call tomorrow to see what the damage is going to cost to get it up and running again. It's reached the point of being 11 years old and these repairs are cropping up more than I want...

Edit: It was just the battery. I guess it was so dead and dry that it wouldn't take a jump. I'm a little miffed at myself that I didn't buy a battery myself and give it a try before calling the shop for a tow. Especiallly miffed because I thought of that and had time to do it before work, but I really thought it was something worse since I couldn't jump it. Bottom line, the repair was about $100 more than had I done it myself.

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