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It seems I have only been able to manage about 5 - 6 hours a week on the bike (C7i exercise bike in the basement that is) knocking out my endurance rides of 1 hour, 1 1/4 hours, 1 1/2 hours, 2 hours plus my 2 days of Power Phase weight lifting. I was hoping for 7 hours a week minimum in this phase, but I do have 12 days left in this phase so I will see if I can up my hours. I'm not counting my daily morning rides outside with the dogs as that is snail's pace riding on the snow and ice and rarely lasts more than 20 minutes.

I may have to go to 2 a days for the rest of this phase to up my hours with my busy work schedule. The weight lifting ends this Sunday, so next week will be on the bike only to finish out the endurance phase. I will get a well deserved rest week before moving into the SMSP interval phase in mid-February.

Annual Heart Examination

I had my annual Iowa Heart Clinic exam yesterday. Three items are now checked in the high risk category. In 2007, only 2 items got a check mark (which was enough to warrant me visiting the Heart Clinic as preventative medicine in the first place).

Over age 45 - check
Family history of heart disease - check
High Cholesterol score - check (this is the new check mark since 2007)

My HDL is very good at 65. Triglyceride levels are very low. It's the bad stuff, the LDL, that has risen. And here is the kicker. I'm not overweight. I exercise religiously. My diet is perfect. I don't smoke (never have). So it's the 75% of cholesterol production that has nothing at all to do with my diet, but everything to do with my genetics that I have to fight. Well, that number has increased 30 points since 2007 in spite of all my natural efforts to keep it at bay through diet, weight and exercise. So the Doc and I are on a quest to fight this and prevent me from following the course of my family history. It's preventative and considering the alternative, I feel I must not let history repeat itself.

I hate medicine. I detest medicine. The only thing I take is one daily baby aspirin which is the typical recommendation for us over 45"ers. I take a seasonal allergy/asthma pill during the spring/summer allergy season for a few weeks to keep my suffering limited. Outside of that - no meds. The Doc is trying to convince me to add a generic, low cost medication to lower the bad LDL number and then check my blood in 2 months again to see if it works. He says my numbers should be down in 6 weeks time, but at the 2 month check if the numbers are good enough we can lower the dosage.

Hmmmmm......so I am researching everything I can about these nasty drugs, side effects, interactions, recommendations, pros, cons, effects on muscles and exericise, etc... . The internet is filled with horror stories about statins which I have to wade through to pick the wheat from the chaff.

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