2009 has arrived

We went to Minneapolis for a few days this week to hit the Mall of America and enjoy the indoor waterpark at the Radisson Hotel. My niece was visiting for a week from California. My wife, son and I hit the exercise room at the hotel every day. I ran on the treadmill, lifted some free weights and didn't really do much more than keep the blood flowing for 30 - 45 minutes each session. Of course I walked a few miles at the Mall of America between treats. '-]

We got back to our home in Iowa and I noticed that a chunk of shingles had blown off the garage roof during the ice melt. I'm sure the ice on the roof, combined with the gale force winds, did the damage. Getting it fixed is on my immediate "to do" list and I've already called a couple of contractors for an estimate. Of course, nobody was working today so I'll have to wait.

I had planned on my January 1st being a rest day to catch all the football games and recover from the previous night's celebration. We went over to Chuck and Gayla's house for venison, bubbly, vino, Grappa and a good visit. So today, the 2nd day of the year, I was ready to exercise. I took Max in for his scheduled appointment with the Vet this morning at 7 am for surgery on his eyelid and to get his teeth cleaned. They told me to pick him up after 3 pm, so I went home and took the Dos Niner out for a 28 mile out and back - or at least that was the plan.

The sun was shining and temps were warm enough that a few layers of biking gear and long johns did the trick along with my lobster mittens. The problem is, there was a lot of ice on the Summerset bike path. About 8 miles into the ride I went down pretty hard. I had my cellphone in the rear jersey pocket along with my wallet. I landed right on that pocket and "wounded" my cellphone. Only 1/2 of the screen lights up now, but the phone still works. I just can't read the top half of the screen. Luckily, I'm due for a new phone since I just extended my plan. So that's one more thing on the "to do" list.

I got up and had to walk through some ice sections and then bagged it at the Summerset road when all I could see for the next 1/2 mile in front of me was solid sheet ice from the overflow of the Middle River during the ice melt a few days ago. So I turned around and rode home being very careful to not ride on the ice. Although walking in cycling cleats is probably even worse! I only got about 1/2 the workout I was planning on getting, but tomorrow is a planned gym day and I'll put some time in on the exercise bike while I'm there after I do all of my lifts.

It's time we all got back to work and school on Monday in this household. Three weeks of enjoying each other's company has the tensions mounting. ;-)

Here's to a Happy New Year to all.

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