10 miles in the snow...

I usually haul the bike out every morning and do a mile or two in the neighborhood or on the country gravel roads near our house with our dogs, Max and Zoey. I've been getting a lot of stares this winter from folks thinking I'm crazy riding out in the ice and snow, but with the proper tires and clothing, it's normal in my book. Keeps my cycling interest up from all that work in the gym and in the basement on the trainer.

Yesterday, due to the -8 temps and -20 to -30 windchill, I suited up in full snow shoveling/ski gear and headed out for a ride. The dogs love the snow and the cold, so they were in hog heaven and kept pushing me to go on down the road a bit more. Me? I was good for 20 minutes until the fingers started to get numb. It was cold. North Dakota type of cold. The lobster mittens are warm critters for most climates, but not at those temps. I needed a NASA liner for them, but I forged ahead in the new 3 inches of snow with numb fingers.

I had a facemask, Russian faux fur hat, full length mountain parka, hiking boots, wool socks, long johns, sweat pants, gore-tex ski pants and was nice and toasty outside of my digits. I did a full 10 miles before pulling in the driveway and going inside to try and find my fingers. They came back to life with some warm water and a cup of coffee. Then I headed out and shoveled the driveway and walks which pretty much proved futile. The wind was so strong, I basically just rearranged the snow a bit. Oh well, it'll be 40 degrees by Monday and things will melt.

In an effort to attack my weight and add some cycling base (what I'm doing in January), I did 1 1/2 hours on the trainer after work last night to make it a two training session day. I figured it would help me sleep. Well, here I am wide awake in the middle of the night for the 3rd night in a row. The Doc put me on a medication due to my bloodwork last week and promised me no side effects. Hmmmmmmm.....nobody mentioned it would keep me up at night...

Today is supposed to be even colder, so maybe just a few blocks around the neighborhood on the bike with the dogs frolicking to avoid any frostbite before going to work. Indianola public schools are canceled for today due to the -30 windchill and -14 base temperature. I don't understand that cancellation as it's not like we haven't seen those low temps before, but I'll file it away in the bunch of wussies file. They sent everyone home at 1pm on Monday as well because a "blizzard" was coming. It didn't hit until 6 - 6:30pm. And they sent the kids home early in December with a "big storm" that was coming. It didn't start to snow until midnight that time. What's with all these precautions? We need to send everyone up to Minnesota or North Dakota for a winter to toughen 'em up!

And, since my wife works for the AEA, no school means her work is canceled today as well. She can take care of the teenagers in the house today. Simpson is open for business as always, so I'll head off to work in the crisp air while everyone else plays forced hooky here at home.

Training for tonight is another 1 1/2 or 2 on the trainer in this block before I earn my 2 rest and recovery days. And perfect timing as my wife's birthday is this weekend and we're having a big dinner party on Saturday to celebrate.

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