1st Day of Hannukah is here...

It's just about sundown, so our family is getting ready to celebrate the first day of Hannukah. We picked up the Matzo Meal for the Latkes and as I type this, Tara is in the kitchen getting things prepared. Most of the presents have been purchased and the kids will get their first one tonight. My mouth has been watering since 10:15 this morning when I heard my wife and my daughter's soccer coach going into detail about preparing their Latkes as we were waiting for the indoor soccer field to clear from the 9:30 am match.

We went to Deb and Joel Hade's house last night for their annual Christmas party. It's always a fun event to attend as the high school choir shows up and sings a mini-concert, lots of food, conversation and drink are shared by all. And there is singing of secular and sacred holiday music. I cut loose on O Holy Night for the last verse as the mood hit me. It looked like there were about 70 or so in attendance at the party, so it was fun to catch up with various folks in town that I don't get to see that often. Our thoughts and prayers are still with the Hades as they move forward following the recent loss of their son, Chris last month.

Happy Holidays to all - no matter which you are celebrating.

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