When the DOG bites!!!

It has actually been since 1968 that I was bitten by a dog while riding a bicycle. I was bitten by Blackie, my neighbor's dog, back in 1968 as I rode by their house. I fell off the back of the bike, hit my head and got a nasty concussion at the time. But that was then and I did recover after a trip to the E.R. to get the head checked out. Today, I was bitten while riding my mountain bike around on the trails at Lake Ahquabi. In spite of years of riding between today and 1968 with many encounters with dogs - I was totally bite free. One nipped me in Vienna out in the woods, but only got a piece of my shoe. Today, my leg was on the menu.

It was busy at Lake Ahquabi today with lots of hikers, dog walkers, joggers and mountain bikers out on the multi-use trail. I had already passed several people out for hikes and some with dogs on leashes with no problems whatsover. On the south side of the lake, I rounded a corner and saw a lady walking 2 dogs on one of those really long retractable leashes. I gave her plenty of warning and said I was coming up on her left. I then saw her trying to reel in the retractable leash, so I stopped, unclipped and put my left leg down to wait before I passed. I even said hello to the dogs as I waited. One of the dogs, the big one - an Australian something or other - bolted right for me and got a nice bite on my left leg.

Being that he went right for the shin where things can be tender when struck that hard, I let out a couple of choice words. One started with an S and the other with an F. I uttered them with excellent, clear diction like any good operatically trained singer would with their finely tuned baritone. I gave her a mean stare with crossed eyes as I absorbed the pain. She looked afraid like I was going to attack her or something. Odd. It must have been my MOB racing kit and my Oakley dark shades that had her shaking. I'm sure it wasn't my chicken legs (one of them dripping with blood). I was in a nice riding groove listening to Tom Jones, the Doobies, Kiss, Sinatra, AC/DC and Whitesnake on my iPod, so I hopped back on the bike and muttered something to her like "get a muzzle for your biter, this is a busy trail with lots of people using it" and rode off. About 1/2 mile later, I noticed the blood was really coming out of my shin pretty good - so I planned on stopping to chat with her on my second lap, but by the time I got around she was gone.

Went home and cleaned up the wound which had now swollen a bit, so I iced it and elevated the leg to keep the swelling down. I still can't believe I got bit as I did nothing to provoke the dog outside of being there on a bike. I contemplated reporting it to the ranger, but since I'm out there all the time with my dogs riding around and generally love dogs - I figured it wasn't worth it. I've seen this dog out there before (when it was very aggressive towards my dogs), so I imagine I will "run into" it again at some point in the future.

That's one dog bite and one bee sting for the year. Anything else and I can be in "The Sound of Music"...


B I D W E L L said...

You did the right thing, and hopefully that will be a wake up call for the gal. Never had that happen, and I've got 4 dogs... It is the owners responsibility for sure. Heal up BB

Steve Fuller said...

I don't think I would have been able to leave without getting her name and number and reporting the dog. especially with my leg bleeding that much. Untrained dogs with owners that can't control them have no business being out in public (IMHO).