Soccer and Football dominates the weekend...

It looks like a weekend of this for us as Alexa has a match on Saturday and Sunday...

Soccer Moms and Dads

Alexa from two weekends ago where she scored a pair of goals...

Getting set

And getting ready for play to resume in the infamous "Go Purple" jersey...

Waiting for a pass


First game on Saturday at Altoona....Indianola 6 - Altoona 0
Second game on Sunday at Indianola....Indianola 2 - Johnston 2

Yesterday, Alexa announces she is going out for basketball this season. What? Say what? We shall see if she follows through on that. Yes, she can run like the wind - that's for sure, but her ball handling skills? Hmmmm.... Regardless, I ponied up for a pair of basketball shoes at Scheels after the soccer match in Altoona and practice starts for girls basketball on Monday.

Zack has a hamstring injury from last week's game against Ankeny (sustained it on the first pass he made and played the rest of the game with an injured leg) and did not suit up for last night's game as Dowling drubbed us 50 - 28 for our 4th conference loss in a row which leaves the Indians at 4-4. There is one game left against Urbandale which is the only other losing team in our conference. It might actually be a well balanced game and if we do pull out a win, we will end the regular season at 5-4 which I guess qualifies as a "winning" season. ;-) Either way, I believe our 4 wins qualifies us for a playoff game where we will be a low seed and play a high seed from another conference. A lot of players are looking beat up and tired at the end of the season.

Time will tell if Zack's hamstring heals this week, but knowing that injury well he is going to need plenty of time for a full recovery. Sometimes you can play with the injury, but you cannot run as fast and set your feet like you want to when passing the ball which throws off your timing as a QB. The top 4 teams in our central conference (Ankeny, Johnston, Dowling and Southeast Polk) were all too much for us this year as the conference is the absolute toughest it has been in many, many years. Even the Des Moines Register featured an article yesterday about how tough the central conference is this year. If we played in the conference Indianola used to be in, chances are we would have 6 or 7 wins - if not 8 wins at this point. But, that's the way it is. We remain the smallest school in the toughest conference making it tough to compete due to sheer numbers we are up against. At least we held Johnston and Southeast Polk so that the games were very close this year. Ankeny and Dowling were both able to break the games open and drub us by outscoring us about 2 to 1.

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