Off Season Training Week #3...

I enter training week #3 this week which is the final adaptation to lifting weights week. It reminds me a lot of training for opera singing where you have to adapt the muscles and tendons in the larynx to be able to take the amount of pressure and vocal fold adduction needed for singing big opera sounds. You cannot rush the process, but you can enjoy the gradual build as the weeks unfold. The only thing I don't like about lifting is the weight gain that it causes as the muscles grow. Last year - in the weight training months - I put on a total of 13 pounds in muscle weight. I've already added 4 pounds this training off-season in the first 2 weeks of lifting. And that is just from the light weights listed in the table of this 3 week preparation phase. Wait until the hypertrophy growth phase of November...

After I recover from yesterday's race simulation (run, ride, run) out at Pickard Park, I will start on week three listed in this chart below of the weights I've prescribed.

Adaptation Grab

I went to Pickard Park to run and ride on the cross country course. It was too muddy to go into the woods, so Pickard Park was a perfect choice. Tough hills to run and the amazing wind (with gusts over 40 mph) made it even tougher for the 1/2 that I was running and riding dead into it. I ran one lap of the cross country course. Swapped out shoes and put the helmet on for a few laps on the bike. On one climb along the very eastern portion of the park which is a ridge that climbs next to a gravel road, the wind nearly blew me off the ridge and into the ditch. I had to lean the bike about 40 degrees to the left just to stay upright. I finished with one more lap in my running shoes which had me drooling big time for the final mile as I strove to really attack the uphill runs going into the wind.

The good news is that I felt better after yesterday's simulation than the previous week. I didn't get as many leg "tweaks" from the uneven surface. So I guess the running I have been doing this month is slowly starting to condition me - or at least trick my brain that the pain is not so bad. ;-) However, I'm still doing more of a "jogging pace" most of the time instead of really striding out. Part of that is the off road running and being afraid to rip an ankle or knee on an uneven surface. I would imagine another part of that is the reality that I weigh about 20 pounds more than I did when I ran marathons. I'm able to really stride out on the treadmill and on pavement, but not on the off road trails yet. This week has me doing two Fartlek training sessions in hopes of raising my running stamina. I've missed running all these years and might incorporate more of it in my workouts during this off season.

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