Off Season Training Week #2...

Ouch! That's all I can say. Walking yesterday afternoon and today were a bit of an effort. It's the Preparation Phase of the Dave Morris Off-Season training plan, so here is what I am targeting this year in terms of weights:

Adaptation Grab

I'm in the middle of week 2 at the moment. I do a few other lifts as well that I didn't include on the chart (triceps, lunges, step ups). Week 1 was pretty easy in terms of time and effort, but week 2 with the additional set and increase in weights while doing some running and riding start to require a bit of recovery between efforts. I know that sounds odd considering how much weight I will be lifting a month or so from now, but I can feel the effects of "adaptation" taking place even though I'm hardly lifting much weight. I wasn't strict about doing my maintenance sessions in late August and through September. That's why it is showing now in the form of muscle soreness as I go back to square one and do this prep phase for the 2009 season. I forgot from last year that such low weights for the dead lift, squat and leg press can still tucker one out. It's almost deceiving, but it is all coming back to me now from a year ago.

I figured since the Des Moines Dirty Duathlon is coming up, I should give it a go like I did back in 2006. In an effort to prepare the legs for running and to be able to jump right back into the work week following the race, I figured a little training wouldn't hurt. In 2006, I ran 1 mile - that's right - 1 mile on a Monday, a Wednesday and a Friday the week of the event to "train" for the running portion of the race. Being a former marathon runner, I knew that no training would have done any good that close to the race, but at least I got my shoes dirty on the gravel roads back in 2006 before the race. I read this year that instead of the format used in 2006 (when we rode our bikes first, then ran in the middle of the race and finished with another ride) will be run 2 miles, ride 10 miles and finish with another 2 mile run. Oooooooo that's got a prescription for PAIN!

So far this year, I hit the treadmill 2 or 3 times a week beginning on October 1st and decided to take my "training" out to the trails at Lake Ahquabi on Sunday to run 2 miles, ride 10 miles and then run 2 more miles. So I loaded up my CamelBak with water, grabbed 3 GU's and headed out to Ahquabi on a perfect day in terms of the weather. My dog bite is just about healed, so I was hoping to run into said Rover in hopes that I could bite him back, but no luck. I didn't see him.

Treadmill running, track running, pavement running all have nothing in common with off road trail running which is very close to cross country running on a nasty course that has been ravaged by too much rain and filled with ruts, cleat marks and tire marks, except there are no spikes involved in trail running. One has to constantly monitor the surface as the bumps and debris can quickly tweak your ankle, knee, back and is frustrating because you can't open it up and really stride out like you can on better surfaces. So my first 2 miles were like an old man shuffling to prevent an ankle twist as I went up and down the hills at Ahquabi. I actually logged in 2.5 miles on my opening run as I went a tad too far than planned. The bike portion was easy, but after sitting on the bike for 10 miles, all that warming up in the first run was totally gone and my legs were stiff as could be for the final 2 mile run. Oh man, I could hardly muster anything but a stiff legged jog. Finally I hit a flat and smooth section where I could stride out, but the rest was laughable. Again, I did 2.5 miles involving plenty of hills up and down.

Monday morning, I headed to the gym to begin my 2nd week of off-season weight training. These first three weeks are simply adaptation of the muscles/tendons to prepare them for the more intense phases that are coming. I did my 3 sets of 8 reps on all Dave Morris prescribed lifts and headed home. Showered and headed off to work. In the middle of the afternoon I stood up from the piano after playing for about an hour and I could hardly walk. Ouch!!!

Today was a rest day, and I battled getting up and down and walking with my efforts from Sunday and Monday. Tomorrow I will do another brick (run and ride), but in the basement on the treadmill and trainer and save the off road simulation race of run, ride, run for the weekend. Not that any of this will help my time at the Dirty Duathlon, but at least I will be psychologically prepared for the pain involved of doing a run/ride/run format. Based on my first simulation - it's a tough format. Once I get running, I'd rather do it all at once rather than let those muscles sit dormant on the bike for ten miles and then trying to refire them.

It will be great a challenge and prepare me for the pumpkin pie season. ;-)

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