The Ubiquitous Blog Tag

Yup, "ye ole blog tag" courtesy of Bidwell.

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Let's see....September 1998. I was totally immersed in my professional singing career at the time. I was living and working in Vienna, Austria. I was finally fluent enough in German to be feeling comfortable in work and social situations. We had just moved from our apartment on Gentzgasse in the 18th district to a walk out apartment with garden on Maulbertschgasse in the 19th district at the edge of the Vienna Woods. Making the decision to sign another 3 year contract with the opera, we purchased a brand new Honda mini-van to become more "mobile" with our children and see more of Europe. I was singing about 2-3 opera performances per week 10 months out of the year. Between that, I was devoted to my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter and spent a lot of time hauling them all over Vienna on a bike seat and hitchhiker.

What are five non-work things on my to-do list today?

1. Finish getting all furniture and objects off of the basement floor so the carpet installers can begin their work tomorrow morning bright and early.

2. Take the dogs for a walk in the rain.

3. Talk with my son about his football participation and some realities that have come up that are on his mind about playing football.

4. Have lunch with a colleague to talk about the Gorilla Ape Trust.

5. Listen to some music.

Snacks I enjoy?

Almonds. Oatmeal cookies. Raisins. Apples. Cherries. Grapes.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire?

Create and open my own small to mid-size professional opera company. That would include building a building, hiring a staff, develop the marketing, creating seasons and goals for the company, audition for casting, and develop a young artists training program on site as well as an educational wing of the opera company that would tour and bring opera into the lives of those not fortunate enough to be able to afford or travel to see a live performance.

Set up some trust funds devoted to academic and talent scholarships for those wanting to attend college. Donate money to organizations I believe in and support. And of course, enjoy a few things I currently don't get to enjoy with my family. My wife would want to open her own restaurant and I would make sure my children pursued their dreams.

Places I have lived?

Beresford, SD
Claremont, SD
Rapid City, SD
Williston, ND
Nacogdoches, TX
Forest Hills, NY
Astoria, NY
Manhattan, NY
Houston, TX
Walnut Creek, CA
Vienna, Austria
Indianola, IA

Jobs I have had?

Ranger Band (played tuba)

Red Owl Grocery (short order cook in the restaurant)

Kentucky Fried Chicken (chicken cook)

Country Kitchen (midnight shift cook)

K-Mart (stock boy)

Cathedral of St. John the Divine (sculptor's assistant/gopher)

St. Thomas Episcopal Church in NYC (bass singer in the choir)

Max's Opera Cafe (singing waiter)

Houston Grand Opera Studio (baritone young artist)

Houston Grand Opera; Texas Opera Theater; Bronx Opera; Opera Festival of New Jersey; Mississippi Opera; Knoxville Opera; Eugene Opera; Festival Opera of Walnut Creek; Sacramento Opera; Glimmerglass Opera; Des Moines Metro Opera; Chautauqua Opera; Opera Northeast; Vienna Volksoper/Staatsoper; Vienna Kammeroper; Innsbruck Landestheater and probably a bunch of others I have forgotten at the moment (baritone soloist in oodles of operas and performances over the past 22 years)

Assistant Professor of Music (teaching voice and directing opera)

There. Tagged. Labeled. And done.

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