Breaking out of Midpackitis...

You've got to love it when a confluence of events comes together which allows you to snag 1st place at a race. In my case, a few of the youngsters who are hot riders in the Sport Open category were no shows yesterday and I had a good enough run to best the rest of the sport open guys that did show up for the IMBCS #8 Science Center TT. End result: 1st place. Now wouldn't you know it, I finally get a first place and no sport open guys are acknowledged for the prize table. My chance to snag some Oakley's and I'm like the overweight sophomore girl sitting in the bleachers at the high school dance where nobody asks me to dance. ;-)

The weather was great on Sunday and I arrived just in time to do a pre-ride of the race route a little before 10 am. I had the Sugar 293 as my choice to help soak up the roots and bumps. I'm glad I chose it as I could stay seated and hammer away. A few technical spots that gave everyone a challenge, but the rest was sweet and fast singletrack. My turn came to go and off I went in the big ring spinning up the pavement to the orange cones to turn into the track. The pre-ride took care of any questions I had about where to go, but after the 2nd climb that finally led us into the roller coaster I ran into fellow MOB team member Scott Sumpter coming up the hill as I was bombing down it. He wondered if he was going the wrong way and I said "yes". I guess he missed a turn and all those bright pink flags. Come to find out, so did Paul Varnum and Steve Fuller. I guess pink ain't their color. ;-)

I had a pretty uneventful loop of the time trial and was conservative on the tough corners, but let it fly whenever I could. I mixed high cadence spinning with monster mashing and flipped back and forth between the two depending on the terrain and what was coming up next. I didn't even try the big log on the hillside and used the alternate route around it. Everything else I took on at full steam. The race seemed to be over in no time as I crossed the line with a time of 25:15 and I was happy with not hitting a tree, falling or getting muddy. After the awards, I headed home to shower and go with the family to my daughter's soccer match in Polk City.

Today, I enter my 3rd week of building for my season ending peak. I could already tell things were firing a little better yesterday, so the last two weeks of training are starting to show. I hit the trainer this morning for 4 reps of 8 minutes on, 6 minutes off of SMSP intervals after a 20 minute warm up. I was sweating buckets and hope I didn't ruin the new carpet. I've got to get some exercise tile to put under the exercise bike to catch my drips.

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