Time to reflect and heal...

It's been a very eventful week to date. One of my son's classmates suffered a traumatic hit to the head during football practice on Tuesday night. He was rushed to the hospital in Des Moines where surgery was performed to remove a piece of his skull to allow for drainage from the swelling and a coma was induced. We're all still waiting for him to come out of the coma. Reports of the CT Scan seemed to indicate nothing out of the ordinary in terms of brain damage which is good news, but the swelling needs to go down and the recovery process begun. We all feel for him, his parents and his entire family. The boys have their first varsity game against Hoover tomorrow night and will be playing with heavy hearts and minds thinking about their fallen teammate and friend.

My wife is still ill from the weekend and it has now spread to my daughter who had to stay home from school today. Not the kind of crash diet anyone wants to go on along with fever and body ache. So I have been Mr. Cook, Mr. Clean, Mr. Laundry, Mr. Shuttle Bus, Mr. Doctor, Mr. Dog Walker and trying to keep the boat upright. Due to that, I will be unable to participate in the Boone 24 Hour this weekend as originally planned. The week is not over yet, so I hope no more drama is introduced to the already dramatic week.

I was really looking forward to the challenge of the "new" Seven Oaks XC course for the 24 hour and wish all the best to those who are participating. I will be there in spirit and thought and certainly hope to race next year.

Over and out and off to make some chicken broth and find the Saltines...

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