Rats! The WORS that Wasn't...

I put in a good training week (for me) during the past week. I realized that with preparations for hosting a race and the recovery following that experience, I wasn't getting the hours in the saddle to stay ready for racing. I mapped out a three week in-season training schedule for the last 2 weeks of August and first week of September so I am good to go for the season ending races in the IMBCS and Psycowpath series.

Due to the IMBCS TT being rescheduled for September 7th, I had an opportunity to race another WORS race, #9 Border Battle in River Falls. I was looking forward to racing against my Fat Tire Festival buddies Tim Larsen and Tim Brinkman from the Twin Cities and getting a bite to eat with them after the race to catch up. In order to do the WORS race with my busy schedule at Simpson on Friday and Saturday, I had to drive up the morning of the race. It was to be about a 4 1/2 hour drive which meant leaving at 6 am to arrive an hour before the start to warm-up and get suited up.

I packed up the Element Saturday evening so everything was ready for my early start. I got up at 5:30, showered and jumped in the Element. I was just about to the exit for Mason City on I-35 making really good time when my phone rang. It was my wife who was feeling really, really sick. Turns out she woke up with a nasty flu and was basically begging for me to turn around and come home to take care of the kids and dogs. I knew she must be hurting because that is not typical for her to call and "beg". It sounded like she was going to be praying to the porcelain deity all day long. It was scheduled that she would be taking the kids to the mall for some additional school supplies and clothes shopping. I needed to come home to take over that duty so she could rest and let the flu "run" its course.


You know when to and when not to be selfish - and this was a when not to moment for me. So I took the next exit and headed to the other side of I-35, grabbed a coffee at McD's and went back south. I joked when I got home that I had just driven 190 miles for a cup of really bad coffee. She looked awful and was cramping up from dehydration and flu symptoms. I tended to her for about an hour and then made breakfast for the kids and fed the dogs. Once my wife was resting comfortably, I took the dogs for a bike ride out at Lake Ahquabi (not quite the best substitute for a race I was missing) and then took the kids for their shopping.

The WORS that Wasn't...


B I D W E L L said...

You're a good husband!
If there is anything I have learned is that when my kids say they don't feel good, investigate, but when my wife says she doesn't feel good, trust her.

By the way, you have been tagged

Bruce Brown said...

Thanks, Jeremy. I'm missing the 24 hour at Boone this weekend due to my wife still being ill and now my daughter has caught it. I've got to stay home and take care of my gals this weekend. I make a mean chicken broth soup - trust me. '-)

I was looking forward to the 24 hour and did some special training to prepare for it. Ah, there is always next year.

Rasmussen Bike Shop said...

You missed a pretty sweet course, but you're a better husband because of it... just ask your wife! See ya the TT.


Bruce Brown said...

Thanks, Cam. I bet you enjoyed it. Good luck this weeknend at the 24.