Lake Ahquabi Race is Ready!!!

I'm marking the race course at Lake Ahquabi today and tomorrow. Today will be my final day of raking and grooming the trail. What's left out there will be fine for the race. Prizes, food, beverages and supplies have been purchased.

The only disappointment has been the course marking chalk. The company that I ordered it from said each can would mark much more area than it actually does - so I don't have enough of it. I will use more signs and barrier tape to make up for my lack of chalk - or go out there with a bag of flour and leave a trail that even Hansel and Gretel couldn't get lost in if they followed it.

Weather looks good and the rain is predicted not to hit until late Sunday evening. Even if it does rain a little bit, the course can handle it. Temperatures should be in the low 80's which should make for a great race.

If there is anyone contemplating racing on Sunday, but is not sure - come on out and do the race. We have lots of great food, drink and prizes.

Below is a shot I took of Paul Varnum last night during the pre-ride as we waited for the DNR to remove a couple of fallen trees from the course. Photo is courtesy of Paul Varnum and his camera:

Paul Varnum Watching the DNR saw

It's interesting some of the curious questions you get from people as they pass by you when pounding a stake in the ground:

"What are you doing to the trail?"

"Hey, when's the race?"

"Are you building some sort of a game we can play?"

"What are the orange stakes for? A power line?"

"Are you pounding stakes in the ground?" (My favorite!)

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