The Insurance and Carpet Game...

State Farm called yesterday to inform us that the replacement of the carpet exceeds the amount of coverage that we are allowed. State Farm is giving us $10,500. About $6900 of that goes to Paul Davis Restoration (unbelievable what those guys charge). That leaves about $3600 left for carpet. State Farm estimated the value of the carpet we lost at $7700. To replace our carpet with a similar grade means 1/2 of it is coming out of our own pocket. Ouch!

So I went to Carpet One in Urbandale yesterday to bring home some sample boards. I brought a mix of types, qualities and prices. The cheapest being one that would cost us about $5100 and the most expensive at $7700. We narrowed it down to 2 we liked in the first batch of samples. Now I am going back today to see if I can find some samples in the colors we liked in some of the less expensive carpets.

I guess the good news is that with the re-routing of all the downspouts, the last 2 rains has not had one drop end up in the sump pump pit. That either means the ground is no longer saturated, or my re-route is working. Or both - even better. Still, I hesitate to put in brand new carpet until we get a good 3 - 5 inch rain to test everything one more time.

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