Wisconsin and Michigan Goodies...

Tara, Alexa and I have ridden and eaten our way across Wisconsin, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and the state of Michigan this past week on our family vacation while Zack is at Marquette University for a week of camp.

Like an idiot, I forgot the camera. I had changed the batteries and set the camera on the counter to put in the van for the trip. Obviously, it is still back home on the kitchen counter. Oops!

Some highlights of this week:

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday - Stayed in Door County Wisconsin where we had the luxury of fresh cherries, frozen custard, and locally caught whitefish. We even had a pizza with home made sausage one night for dinner which was fantastic. Our breakfast was delivered to our door every morning at the Eagle Harbor Inn. We mountain biked in Peninsula State Park on all of the trails they have available. Tara and Alexa went shopping after 2 1/2 hours of riding and I stayed to put in a grand total of 4 hours on the bike that day before I rode my bike back to Ephriam where we were staying. High marks go to the Trio restaurant for a fine meal.

Wednesday/Thursday - Stayed in Petoskey, Michigan where we have eaten more fresh cherries, frozen custard, whitefish, beef Pasties, morrell mushrooms, fresh blueberries and delicious bean soup in Charlevoix. We biked from Petoskey to Charlevoix and back on Wednesday for 34 miles of cycling (Way to go Alexa); saw 3 beautiful sunsets on Lake Michigan; went to Mackinac Island on Thursday where we rode around the island on our bikes and hit a lot of singletrack in the middle of the island for a grand total of 3 hours of cycling. With our backsides tired from the past 2 days of riding, we headed to the theater on Thursday night.

Friday - took us south to Ludington. We stopped in Traverse City for lunch and shopping. Locals directed us to the best pie in the world at the Grand Traverse Pie Company for a slice of Cherry Crumb a la mode. Wow! It was incredible!!! We bought some cherry products at another store specializing in all things cherry and headed south with two containers of our daily quota of fresh Michigan cherries. I followed up the cherry theme for the week with a cherry salad and cherry bourbon marinated steak for dinner in Ludington.

We headed to the Ludington State Park to see the sand dunes. We walked and played on the beach for nearly 2 hours. Alexa built a something or other in the sand and we hiked up and down some dunes and jogged along the beach until we were getting cold as the sun started to set.

Saturday - We will catch the SS Badger on Saturday morning which will take us back to Wisconsin. After seeing the Brewers take on the Astros at Miller Park Saturday night, we'll head back to Iowa on Sunday after picking up Zack at Marquette.

It sounds like it has been raining a lot back in Indianola this week. Our fingers are crossed that the sump pump has been handling the load while we were gone...


Rasmussen Bike Shop said...

Hey Bruce, read through your blog and came across your WORS post. Glad you got to experience that! It's quite the production! See you at Seven Oaks.


B I D W E L L said...

You racing this weekend Bruce?
I linked to you on my blog, by the way, hope you don't mind? Rode some nice 29er's this past weekend. I may convert yet ;)

Bruce Brown said...

Cam: You talking about the WORS on our ride to Nebraska is what tempted me to give one a shot. It was a fun experience with that mass of people.

Jeremy: No problem with the link. I need to link your Camp Ingawanis mountain biking blog to mine as well. I saw the photos and write up on G-Ted's blog about you guys riding the south side trails of the camp. G-Ted says you are super fast these days, so I think you need to come down to Ahquabi and show off that speed (you can even borrow one of niners). Bring the whole family down from Saylorville for the event. ;-)