Basement Flooded for the 2nd time!!!!

Yup. Sunday night as we arrived home from vacation, the storms started with a 4.5" dump. About 1 AM, I headed down to check the basement. Sump pump was working, but the hydrostatic pressure was bringing in water from somewhere. Luckily, the carpet was not yet stretched and installed, so I folded it back, turned on all ceiling fans and hoped the water wouldn't be too much.

We woke up on Monday and the amount of water wasn't bad in the basement - just a few puddles and spots here and there. The carpet installer came over with 6 fans and we got them going and things dried out in 24 hours. A few neighbors in the area also had water in their basements. Too much rain. Too much saturation.

I reworked the entire downspout network on our house so that all but one of the downspouts are now draining at least 10 feet away from our house and in run off areas. My wife and I put a day in on the front side of the house building up the slope at the foundation and will hit the backside of the house this weekend. That may or may not solve some things, but the clay soil and the amount of saturation are most likely the culprits creating the hydrostatic pressure.

A specialist is coming out to make a full evaluation, but his first available appointment was December 11th. Yup~~~you read that correctly - December 11th and 12 noon. They are so booked with basement flooding in the Des Moines area he cannot get out to evaluate our situation until then.

We're painting the 2nd coat in the basement today and getting things ready for our visitors from Austria who arrive on Saturday. I'm hoping for no rain. Yeah, right....

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