Snow and a 55555!

As I slopped through yet another soggy parking lot from the eastern most Simpson Faculty parking spots in my nice leather dress shoes, I firmly said to myself "That's it! I'm moving south for a new job!" I mean, come on....not enough snow here in the midwest to ever really ski on good stuff, but enough snow to make things a mess and in the middle of April no less.....

Okay, enough of the weather rant. I guess I am too spoiled having grown up in the Black Hills with nice dry mountain air and then having lived in Houston, San Francisco and all the predictable weather that those areas provide. At least in Austria when it snowed - there was great, or rather fantastic skiing.

So much for any outdoor training today (my scheduled 2nd interval day of the week was today). So the trusty old C7i in the basement got my company. It went something like this:

5 minutes warm up
5 x 20 seconds lead out intervals (5)
10 minutes zone 2
5 x 1 minute on 1 minute off SMSP maximum wattage SMSP intervals (5)
5 minutes zone 2
5 minutes MSP interval pace (5)
5 minutes low cadence, high resistance grunt (5)
5 minutes zone 2
5 x 20 seconds lead out intervals (5)
5 minutes cool down

All those bold 5's gave me the odd notion to call the workout a 55555.

The weather looks miserable for baseball this weekend, but maybe the XC course in Moline will be good to go for the race. I've never been there, but it sounds like a flat course built on a lot of sand which could mean it absorbs the water/snow and then we race in a muddy mess. Fine by me, although the idea of sand getting in all the bearings will require some tidy post-race maintenance. I've got all the needed clothing to stay warm, so I'm good to go.

It is opening weekend for Little League baseball. I doubt the fields will dry in time to be played on this Saturday and Sunday, but we shall see. My son's AAU team has a tournament in Omaha. Same problem there. My daughter has a soccer match, but soccer takes place in slop. I also have lots of concerts to attend at Simpson as well. Taxes are due and the grind of being way too busy goes on for April.

Remember when it was warm enough to dress like this for a race?


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