Recovery and Installation of Cranks...

Hey, no April Fool's here. Today was baseball, choir concert, student recital run through, 25 minutes of exercise, a bike tune up, kitchen cleaning and a little of this and a little of that.

I'm in a recovery week after the intervals. I'll jump start the legs a bit later this week to get ready for my first race of the season this coming Saturday. Hopefully, some trails around here will dry out enough to get some dirt riding in for old time's sake. Race day temps are predicted to be in the mid 40's to low 50's - so it should be cool and dry. Plan to drive down, race and then get back to Des Moines for my son's double header opening AAU baseball games in the early evening.

I got in about 25 minutes of recovery pedaling today on the Dos Niner after I installed these RaceFace 42/29/20 cranks:


The red crank arms and BB I had on the Dos prior to the black ones will be going on a build for my daughter after I strip the paint and polish them into a nice silver crankset.

I tuned up the Dos and she looks to be race ready for Tranquility Park in Omaha. I pre-rode the course last year a few days before the race and then it got rained or snowed out (I forget which kind of precipitation we had last year). I couldn't make it back on the rescheduled date and I haven't been back to ride the Tranquility Park MTB trail since. Maybe that's a good omen. Last year I spent money on gas to pre-ride the race course and the race was called on account of weather. This year I did not spend money to go pre-ride the course, so maybe we'll have sunshine and the weather will allow the race to take place on Saturday as planned. Who knows? Maybe I should run the Karma tires. ;-)

Hung the Dos for weigh in and final pre-season check.

Hanging Dos


ashwinearl said...

Nice cranks. I've got a set of the alloy race faces on my hardtail still. Combined with some decent rings and a ti BB makes for a very light combo

Bruce Brown said...

I didn't spring for the Ti Crank Brothers BB since it is selling for $180. Went with the Chromo Crank Brothers BB for $70. It's my first set of ISIS cranks and I hope the new Crank Brothers BB has better longevity than other brands.