Mud Bog!

I took the dogs out to one of my training spots for some dirt riding. My wife informed me that I was crazy because it would be a muddy bog. Weather was about 70 and sunny, so I could only think of getting some dirt time in before Saturday's race.

Well, as usual, the wife was right. I have seen it worse, but it was a muddy mess. I had the Crows on the Dos Niner and since they have no knobs to speak of, no mud collected and built up on the bike outside of splatter. But the dogs were a nightmare. Between rolling in dead animal carcasses and deer poop, the yellow lab looked like a chocolate lab and the black lab looked like she was having a great time. Boy, they sure smelled to high heaven...

I rolled one easy 8 mile lap trying not to destroy the recovery week, but did manage to get one good climb in where I elevated the HR. I was amazed at how well the Crows did in the mud. We sure had fun at the car wash with the dogs on the way home. They go nuts at the car wash jumping and leaping and begging to be sprayed. Got the dogs cleaned off, got the bike cleaned off, got myself cleaned off and then got the interior of the Element wiped down and free of most of the dirty, muddy dog prints.

Legs are not recovered yet from the MSP month after only 2 rest days, but I am hoping to jump start them with some SMSP 1x1's tomorrow. First race has a couple of shorter grunt climbs, so the race is going to be a building block experience coming off of these 2 months of intervals. It should be about 44 degrees with sunshine. I expect the ground will have some mush as the cold temperatures at night this week (dipping into the 20's) will have the ground soft. Hopefully by race time at noon the sun will have settled the turf down into race conditions without having to use mud tires. I'll bring them along just in case.

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