Jump Starting the Legs...

Today was my mid-week recovery ride where I got to jump start my legs. It was also Campus Day at Simpson College where all the students do community service as part of a tradition since 1889. That free time as a faculty member allowed me to go at it on the C7i in the basement and watch the wattage since it was only 28 degrees outside. What is up with this unseasonal cold front? Extended forecast says back to 60 on Monday - which is good since my Little League team has a scrimmage that day. But from now to then is odd. Green grass, trees greening up and snow this morning. Hey, it's all fun and keeps us on our toes.

I've got to tip my hat to ashwinearl in Virginia for informing me on his blog that at the end of the MSP interval phase, the legs have no snap, crackle or pop. He was right. The last week of those suckers as the volume increases robs the zip from the gams.

During this recovery week I was wondering where the gams were. They were not there on my first dirt ride of the year two days ago. They were not there yesterday at work walking around the office and the campus. Today, I Sport Legged Up and threw a leg over the trainer.

Ten minutes warm-up and things were flowing and feeling good. Then I launched into 5 SMSP 1 minute on, 1 minute offs at high wattage and Shazam! The legs were there and itching to go. Zone 2'd for 25 minutes, did some lead out intervals of 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off (did 9 of them) and rolled back to zone 2 for more time. Ended up with 70 minutes on the trainer and some nice sweat on the floor. Did some lunges, stretches and took a nice hot shower. Popped my Recover-Ease and ate a turkey sandwich followed by fresh pineapple and mango. Yummy!

Went to work and the legs were bouncing all afternoon. They feel good this evening and I think they will be fine for Saturday's race. Temperatures are predicted to be a high of 38 on Saturday. Wow! Bundling up in winter gear will be key for the fingers, toes, head and legs.

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