Groin pull?

I took Monday off for recovery even though the legs felt great and a recovery ride would have been worthwhile. Today I did a zone 2 recovery jaunt on the trainer for 30 minutes in the early morning and headed off to work. Took a little walk during lunch and I was feeling great.

My Little League team had our 2nd game tonight and I bent over to pick up a baseball between the 3rd and 4th inning and pulled my groin. What's up with that? And man does it hurt to walk, cross my legs or just sit. It seems very odd. I don't think I've pulled my groin in over 20 years, so the simple act of bending over to pick up a baseball really surprised me as I winced in pain. Although we played a team from a different town that is out of our little league tonight, we got outplayed and lost 7-1 due to way too many errors, poor pitching and a general lack of getting any hits that were strung together. We even had the bases loaded once with no outs and were unable to score. Nasty, but our boys almost played pretty well outside of a few mental lapses.

The groin muscle pretty much shoots my plans for tomorrow's training session.

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