Yeah, frigid. Not that this particular snow skiing nut would normally consider 28 degrees frigid, but when it comes to Little League or AAU baseball - 28 degrees is frickin' frigid. So I canceled tonight's Little League practice. Tomorrow's AAU games have also been canceled because it will be sub 40 degrees at game time (40 degrees is the cut off point for holding games).

In light of the cool temperatures and no Friday night baseball practice, I hopped on the Dos Niner at about 4:30 pm and put in 45 minutes of pre-race riding around to check the legs. Legs felt good and I goosed them enough to open up the pipes. The race bike is running great, but I noticed my seat height is not the same on my Dos Niner as all that work I did on the C7i trainer this winter. The saddle is a tad higher on the Dos, but it is the height I used all season last year. It will take a couple of weeks to adjust in the early season, but I'm ready.

Tranquility Park in Omaha is pretty exposed to wind. That should make tomorrow's race interesting since the 25-30 mph winds will be a factor in the open prairie. I'll probably have to go to mittens and my balaclava for the race and hope the toes stay warm and fuzzy for the race.

I packed up the Element tonight before dinner and will try to get some good sleep before taking off in the morning for Omaha. All I am missing are GU gels. I'll pick some up tomorrow at the LBS before the race.

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