Tara Negotiates a Ride!


Yup. That's the Bacchetta Giro 20 we tried out yesterday in Des Moines.

Why buy a recumbent bike?

My wife's lower back prefers the ride of a recumbent these days. Even though she had been riding my LWB Burley Koosah the past year, it was just too much bike for her to handle. She tried a few different recumbents (Rans, Burley and Bacchetta's) before deciding to order a new SWB 2007 Bacchetta Giro 20.

Before we made the call to the LBS to place the order, I did a quick Google search and found an ad for the same exact model my wife was looking to buy in her size (size small) right here in Des Moines. What are the odds of that? So, we sent an email to the owner and she responded later that day saying the used Giro was still available.

After the test ride yesterday, the two ladies did their negotiating faster than any man could even scratch his chin. The upside for us is that the recumbent only ended up costing us about 1/2 of what a new 2007 model would have cost us. Not bad.

The previous owner said she never really felt comfortable riding a recumbent and therefore had put the Giro up for sale last fall. There is a certain amount of athleticism and balance required to launch a recumbent and for handling in slower speed situations. I think that turns a lot of people away from recumbents and it seems the previous owner fits this mold.

Yeah, it's got some funny dohickey motorcycle rear view mirrors that will probably be coming off. Or I might leave them on for kicks and add some colored streamers for fun. ;-) The bike came with a nice Rans rear travel pack and 3 replacement tires which were a nice extra bonus. There is even a kickstand on the bike as well as a computer.

After some slight adjustments for comfort and fit, we took the recumbents out for a 20 mile ride in the cold Sunday morning wind.

Nothing like the comfort of a recumbent allowing you to take pictures while on the bike. That's why they are so good for RAGBRAI. You can hold a beverage of choice in one hand - and check out the scenery while cruising along.

Here's the Summerset Banner Pits area:


Me on the LWB Koosah admiring that there is still a lot of ice around (Hey, I'll ride anything. 29"er, 26"er, LWB recumbent, SWB recumbent, tandem, mountain bike, road bike, rickshaw, hybrid bike, etc...):


One happy and proud, but cold, Giro 20 owner....


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