Talk About Being Mooned...

Wow! What a visual event to partake of last night. People in my neighborhood actually held Lunar Eclipse parties. I'd like to say "now I've seen it all", but living in a state where graduation parties and other parties are actually held in people's garages - I will refrain from saying I've seen it all. By the way, what's up with that garage party ritual? And what about sitting in the driveway in lawn chairs while staring at everyone that passes by? What's that all about? Makes me want to grab modern day architects by the neck and ask them why they don't build a front porch on a house these days. Take your choice - a nice front porch with a swing (or a comfy chair) - or sitting in your driveway on a lawn chair. Hmmmmm. That's a tough one. I guess different cultures do different things, but being new to the fair state of Iowa I have yet to figure that particular garage party ritual out. People build nice decks in the backyard, yet they sit out in their driveway or in their garage in a lawn chair. Go figure...

Back to the moon. We live on the west side of town on the top of a hill which made for perfect eclipse viewing last night with the clear skies. I guess that explains why several of my neighbors invited friends over for a little Moonshine Soiree. Many were actually out on their decks and not in their garages for the viewing.

Moonshine this:

Lunar Eclipse

I enjoyed a nice walk in the Jordan Creek Mall today as part of my "off" day today. In addition to the walk through the mall, I moved most of the stuff in the master bedroom closet down to the guest room closet today in preparation for the master bath remodel that begins on Tuesday. Nothing like climbing up and down the steps umpteen hundred times. And I sang through Schubert's Winterreise today to get ready for an upcoming gig. That's an athletic endeavor in and of itself considering it is 75 minutes long. I didn't feel too spent at the end of rehearsal, but realized I need to brush up on about 5 - 10% of the words that my brain has managed to scramble since the last time I performed it.

While walking through Scheel's at Jordan Creek, I was happy to see a nice display rack with 3 Redline 29"ers (1 Flight and 2 Monocogs). Not bad. The only thing that the Scheel's at Jordan Creek has had related to 29"ers the past 3 years has been a pair of Bontrager ACX's hanging on the wall which still have not been sold. The Scheel's in Sioux City and Iowa City have been 29"er friendly for several years, but not the one at Jordan Creek. Mainly because they don't sell Gary Fisher bikes in the Jordan Creek Scheel's due to the Trek dealerships already existing in the Des Moines area via Bike World. Regardless, it was nice to see a little big wheel love hitting mainstream floor space. Rassy's, Bike World and Scheel's now carry some big wheel love.

It looks like we have some warm weather hitting this week. I wonder if it will be warm enough for the sun to melt all the snow off of the bike trail this week allowing me to get some MSP intervals outside by the end of the week? Wishful thinking, but we'll see....

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