Stair Stepping My Way Through MSP...

I'm not sure that yesterday's recumbent ride was the best medicine for one of my recovery days as the effort was a tad more than I wanted to do in order to be in tip top form for today's MSP effort.

I did 3 MSP (or LT) intervals today.

•The 1st was 8 minutes at 318 watts. Ouch, that burns!
•The 2nd was 8 minutes at 300 watts. Started out 318, but could not hold it.
•The 3rd was 10 minutes at 318 watts.

Total work time for today was 26 minutes which bumps me up the work time ladder as shown in the chart below. I'm pretty much sticking to a 2 days on, 2 days off routine for these MSP intervals.

I think the 280 - 295 watt range is the "sweet spot" for me on these things - especially when I am shooting for 10, 12, 15 minutes (yet to do one of those 1/4 hour suckers). At the 8 minute duration I wanted to boost the power a tad more to see if I could turn it or burn it. My legs were on fire, but I turned the first one. Ticked off that I didn't turn the 2nd one like the first one, I reached down deep in the bag of hurt and eeked out the 3rd rep while watching Dr. Dolittle of all things. How's that for inspiration? Eddie Murphy talking to animals on HBO...

Who knows if I will bounce back enough for tomorrow's interval session or not. The legs feel worked going up and down the stairs. I'm not sure Recover-Ease will bail me out. Time to eat some salad, bread and cucumbers (the wife made Tzatskiki). Maybe the meal will heal me and I can go for two intervals of 11 1/2 minutes each in the sweet spot wattage zone.


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