So Much for My Day Off...

I had planned a rest day for today. Really. I did. But the weather was 78 degrees and begging for a 26 mile trip to Carlisle and back. So I hopped on my son's Specialized Allez road bike and off I went with my water bottle filled with 50% red Gatorade and 50% water. Tried keeping it in zone 1 - 2 range, but the tailwind was begging me - yes, begging me - to act like a sail and fly with the wind. I made it to Carlisle in record time and almost spun out of gearing a couple of times I was going so fast. Felt more like zone 3 - 4 I was having so much fun. The whole time I kept thinking "I've got to ride back against this wind sooner or later."

Then the turnaround in Carlisle happened and it put me dead into the wind. Middle ring road bike stuff with my legs telling me to use the largest cogs in the rear type of wind. Riding in the drops to get aerodynamic type of wind. It was almost impossible to keep myself in the zone 1 - 2 range with this wind. Heck, I was just about in zone 2 trying to stay upright on the bike. Oh well. Made it home without bonking, but the legs feel worked. Saturday I rode to Summerset and back on the Monkey for a 1 1/4 hour trip. Sunday I did my first MSP intervals on the trainer. Monday I did my intervals on the Summerset trail. Today was day 4 in a row with the 26 mile trip. You heard it here first. Tomorrow I am not riding. Not even a 20 minute easy spin. Just going to eat, get some tax stuff together, call all the kids I drafted for the Little League I'm coaching and doing some "honey do" stuff on the list.

I think I'll lay off the adult beverage (wine and beer) to see what that does for the few pounds I want to shed for the race season. We'll see just how long this self-imposed prohibition lasts...


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