Power Up!

Yesterday's consecutive day of MSP's had me raising the power bar a bit to see what I could do. I'm still toying with the art of how to train with power since this is my first year doing it the Morris way.

The way I understand it, the longer the interval - be it SMSP or MSP - you want to trim the wattage down a little bit to account for the length of the interval so that you can make your power for the duration of the work period. The MSP's are more difficult for me to figure out and find that edge where I feel like I am going off the cliff. Yeah, you know that edge. It's where I'm in lots of pain, but can still make the duration.

Knocked out 21 minutes of MSP yesterday.

1 x 10 minutes seated at 285 watts
1 x 11 minutes seated/out of saddle combo at 285 watts

More power than Thursday, but I thought it was interesting that my heart rate was just about the same at 285 watts as it was about 20 watts lower. Hmmmm...what's that mean? Sweat flow increased. Drool increased. Fluid out of the nose increased. I almost, but not quite, had that nearly gassed post-exercise feeling that I came to know so well in the SMSP phase. I guess that means I moved a little closer to the cliff's edge.

After a pair of rest and recovery days, I will try some shorter duration, higher power MSP intervals on Monday. Maybe 2-3 reps of 8 minutes at 300+ watts to see where that edge is.

My wife and I are heading to Des Moines today to check out a used Bacchetta Giro for her. It's a size small SWB recumbent that a lady the same size as my wife is trying to sell. If it fits and feels good during the test ride, it just might be the ticket for her Summerset Trail riding and RAGBRAI journey.

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