MSP Peak!

Little League baseball practice schedule didn't allow me to do my 2nd consecutive day of MSP work, so after taking yesterday off for baseball I got back on the C7i this morning for what I thought was going to be my belated day 2 of the block. I drank some coffee and decided to grind it out before breakfast. Goal was to get 27 minutes of work time in for the session. Legs were not feeling fresh.

10 minute warm-up
1 x 15 minutes at 250 watts
6 minutes rest
1 x 15 minutes at 275 watts (Ouch, I was hurting and sweating like a pig with not the best set of legs today!!)
5 minute cool down

What? I did 30 minutes work time? I was supposed to stop at 27, take 2 days off and then come back for my peak goal of 30 minutes for the month this weekend to end the month. Now I don't know what to do! I finished early, but that was not my intention.

I will probably do some SMSP and MSP butt kicking combined work this weekend and then take a recovery week before next weekend's opening race in Nebraska.

I had planned on 11 MSP sessions for the month with a peak of 30 minutes work time. Instead, I will end up with 10 and a peak of 30 minutes. Here's the chart for the month of March and how it worked out in chart form.


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