Kalends of March

Kalends? Yeah, Kalends. First day of the month. Kalends, the word from which calendar is derived, is another exotic-sounding term with a mundane meaning. Kalendrium means account book in Latin. Kalend, or the first of the month, was in Roman times as it is now, the date on which bills are due. Si, si......itza abouta time to paya the bills.

We have a good old fashioned blizzard going on at the moment. So much for our end of the month feast on a leg of lamb to help set up a nice easy start to March. So, it's back to the old weather adage of the other side of the equation: " If March comes in like a Lion, it goes out like a lamb." Indianola sent the public school kids home at 11 a.m., but of course Simpson was open all day and finally tossed in the towel to cancel evening classes and events. That means I can skip having to attend the Air Force Brass Blues concert which got cancelled as well. It's snowing sideways and reminds me of those days in my youth in the Dakotas. Being that Simpson is a residential campus, fat chance the doors will be closed tomorrow meaning I will have to get up and tackle the 4 foot drift which I'm sure will develop in my driveway.

Midweek recovery spin...

Drove home from work and hopped on the C7i for an hour of recovery ride at zone 2 with a couple sets of 5x1's tossed into the mix to remind my legs that some effort is required. I tossed a picture in below of the instrument of pain and pleasure (C7i) for my February and March interval riding. Once I ordered a custom made seatpost adapter to run a normal saddle and got my clipless pedals installed, it has been a pretty neat set up for me. The only downside with this 3 year old machine is that the computer's wattage reading maxes out at 345 watts. So I have no idea how many watts I have been cranking out at those higher RPM intervals once the display shows 345. I think the newer models go up to 500 watts, but mine tops out display wise at the lower wattage. However, hopping over to my wife's LeMond recumbent shows wattage all the way up over 1000, so I have done a few reps on there to determine the "feel" at the higher wattage and took that "feel" back over to the C7i upright to mimic higher wattage intervals. I know I was way above 345 on a lot of them - especially the shorter intervals - but I have no idea how much above. Did some intervals at 480 watts on the LeMond, but I only like to use a recumbent on RAGBRAI because you can hold a beer in one hand and steer with the other while taking in the scenery of Iowa. Not sure the exact same muscle group is used on the recumbent as the upright, so I prefer to train on what I know.

February and March Sled of Choice


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