Is Spring Coming?

I hopped on the C7i for an hour of zone 2 this morning before breakfast. The legs are feeling good, so I had to dial down the eagerness in my legs to keep myself in zone 2. Tomorrow is another set of 5x1 minute SMSP intervals followed by an hour or so of zone 2 recovery before I head off to work.

Today, it actually looks like spring is just around the corner. That's amazing after last week's blizzard. Maybe I should not have shoveled all those drifts! Temperatures began this week in the upper 30's and are heading to the 40's later in the week. Forecast says 50's this weekend. Melt snow. Melt! Of course, it will take many more weeks to turn the Iowa peanut butter singletrack into good riding conditions. I can't get too excited to pull the mountain bike out yet until things melt and the trails dry out. Fingers are crossed...

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