I Was a Gorilla Today...

That's right. 69 balmy degrees and I decided to heck with the C7i trainer for my second day of MSP's. I went out on the Karate Monkey to hit the trail to Summerset and back. I felt like a Gorilla on the old Monkey today.


Banged out an 8 minute interval on the way to Summerset. I managed to avoid hitting all of the pedestrians, dogs and cyclists out enjoying the weather. On the way up the hill, I banged out an 11 minute interval at some kind of wattage that had me drooling from the mouth, screaming in pain with my legs burning and my bike handling skills waning. I think I was pushing too big of a gear, but I hung on and knocked out my goal of 18 minutes. Overachiever that I am this time of year, I pushed it another minute to finish the MSP day at 19 minutes. Hard to tell just what wattage I managed today without any measuring device. I just had to take advantage of the weather.

I did a few 20 - 40 second big ring climbs in town on the major hills on the way home. Felt pretty good and now I get 2 days off the bike to recover.

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