Hot & Humid in March?

It's that warm March thunderstorm season which makes the 70's feel muggy after a good rain. That being said, I decided to go out on the Summerset Trail today for my MSP intervals on the Salsa Dos Niner with my Crows ballooned up to 42 psi.

It felt good to get out for the first time this year on the Race bike to remember what it feels like. I need to clean it up and tune it for the upcoming season.


20 minute warm up
1 x 12 at 285 watts (guess - no power meter)
15 minute easy pace
1 x 13 at 285 watts (guess - no power meter)
20 minute cool down

Total Work Time = 25 minutes

I also did some sprints and grunt climbs on the way home from the trail. Legs still had some fire in them which is good.

I was burning some matches out there today thanks to the humidity, and the lovely dead feeling in my legs thanks to a late night and an allergy pill. My mind took over and made me push it and push it hard. The 2nd interval was uphill all the way which means there was no way to cheat. Got home and popped a handful of Recover-Ease capsules.

There is a nice evening breeze blowing in on the porch as I type this. Feels nice, but the seasonal allergies make it a bittersweet time of year for me. I didn't get much of a warning the allergies were going to hit so hard today. Boom! It's like the grass turned green over night.

2 days rest and recovery are now well deserved after finishing the 4th two day block of MSP's...



ashwinearl said...

What allergy pill did you take? I take singulair and Zyrtec and Clariten/clarinex sometimes. Haven't seemed to notice any real side affect in terms of the legs yet.

Bruce Brown said...

Singulair and Zyrtec are my "let's fight asthma and allergy" duo prescriptions at the moment.