Has Spring Sprung?

I think it is trying to be spring out there.

A bit of euphoria hit today as the weather allowed me to take a 1 1/4 hour ride outside on the Karate Monkey. It was hard to hold it down in Zone 2. Okay, I checked the legs a couple of times and just went nuts going up a couple of hills. Ooooooo.......it felt REAL good. No snow on the bike path, but plenty of wet as the melt off is still underway. It looks to be 60 tomorrow and even warmer on Monday and Tuesday. All the snow ought to be gone by week's end at this rate.

Simpson College is on spring break starting today. No Fort Lauderdale for me. No week of skiing in Colorado for me. No trip to the Caribbean for me. No fun week in Vegas or NYC. Nope. Not for me. What will I be doing? Income taxes. Cleaning. Recruiting students. Baseball camp with the son. Little League coaches meeting and drafting of teams. Honey do list type of stuff. Ah.......if only I could slip back in time a couple of decades and simply throw caution to the wind and go ski for a week in Colorado. Oh well, been there and done that - so now it is real life. My kids have their spring break here in Indianola the week after Simpson's. Too bad they never are in sync with each other. If they were, that week of skiing could become reality.

Tomorrow brings an extra hour of sunlight, MSP intervals begin, a recovery ride with the wife on the bike trail, and it will be day 2 of the hitting/pitching camp for baseball.

Until then - tonight brings Mexican food that my wife is cooking as I type this. Smells good.....

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