Bounce Back...

Hats off to Recover-Ease, a good meal and an excellent night's sleep for allowing me to bounce back for today's MSP Interval session. I felt yesterday that I was totally spent after doing 24 minutes of work time during the interval session and would not be able to bounce back for today's session.

I got home from work and swallowed some SportLegs, checked my email, changed into my workout clothes and eventually crawled my way onto the C7i to see if I could do it. Warmed up for 15 minutes and I was shocked at how good my legs felt. Wow! I was ready to crank up the music and sweat!


I couldn't believe how my legs were turning over during the warm up, so I launched into my first interval at 290 watts for 8 minutes. I had to abandon my plan for doing 2 reps of 11 1/2 minutes duration today as the power felt good at 290, but not good enough to hold for 3 1/2 more minutes. Spun for 4 minutes rest and launched off into the #2 combo interval which turned out to be a 14 minute interval with the first 7 minutes at 275 watts (seated) and the second 7 minutes at 308 watts (out of saddle disco speed). Hooha! Leg and lung burn with HR sitting at 175. I thought about hanging on for another minute or two, but didn't want to be totally staring at the wall tomorrow at work (I have a very busy and long day coming up).

Total work time for day 2 in this block was 22 minutes. Still working my way up with 2 consecutive day blocks followed by 2 consecutive days rest in this month's MSP fest. I now have 3 work blocks completed as I work my way to a peak somewhere around 30 minutes towards the end of the MSP phase for a one day effort. I've worked up to 24 minutes thus far.

Fueled up with another nutrient rich dinner that my wife had made. Stir fry in the Wok followed by a nice bowl of fresh pineapple with homemade raspberry sauce. Yummmmmy.

Totally unrelated in terms of a picture, but since we are all busting our chops training to get ready for racing this year....

Did you ever wonder why cyclists like to do things together? Here's one for you. All lined up for a group dance....


Gee, they never show that portion of the TDF on television. ;-)

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