Bugger! I misjudged how many minutes I was supposed to hammer out tonight for my MSP interval session. I should have checked my online journal here to see how many minutes I needed! Bugger!

As I was on the C7i, I thought for some reason I only needed to knock out 26 minutes today in the process of stair stepping my way up to the final peak of 30 minutes next week. Instead, I should have done 28 minutes today - not 26. I didn't realize that until 5 hours too late. Oh well, it happens.

10 minutes warm up
1 x 15 at 255 watts
7 minutes rest
1 x 11 at 255 watts
3 minutes cool down

Total Work Time = 26

I have been doing some good stretching the past week and keeping the lower back and legs feeling good. I did a little run yesterday as recovery. I might do another run on Sunday for my next off day. And baseball practice starts on Tuesday for the team that I am head coaching this season. Busy, busy, busy...

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