Birthday Celebration!

Time to celebrate!

Our son Zack turned 14 today. Who'd a thunk we would have survived the first year of a teenager in the house without any holes in the walls, broken bones, emotional wounds from name calling or calls from angry neighbors? Well, we survived in tact. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the next few years though....

I guess it's a good day to reflect on that special birthday 14 years ago in Walnut Creek, CA when I drove my wife to Kaiser Hospital a little after midnight and we kicked into our Lamaze Training exercises. After 8 hours of grunting and pushing, the big Cesarean Section was the end result. Zack was hatched and here we sit 14 years later looking at his size 15 feet, tall muscular build wondering how much taller and bigger he is going to get in the rest of his teen years. I'm still the tallest in the household, but if he has one of those 4 inch summer growth spurts that 9th graders are famous for - I'll soon be nicknamed shorty by my son. That's okay, I already tease him about being a roadie after Rassy's in Des Moines hooked him up with a Specialized Allez that he loves to hammer on from Indianola to Carlisle and back.

What did we get him for a present? He claimed he wants us to contribute some $$ to go toward the purchase of the new iPhone when it comes out later this year. Fat chance a 14 year old needs such a device before Dad has one!!!! After he got a new MacBook last year at the end of the school year for straight A's, I've done my best to steer his expectations for electronic gadgets much lower this year. Birthday presents include a permit to drive with parents in the car, a home whipped cheesecake, some new Duds he wanted and a new baseball glove for the upcoming season. Next will be cleats in size 15. This year's straight A's will rotate back to our prior agreement before the MacBook deal to include a pair of tickets for a professional sporting event of his choice (Cardinals, Royals, Chiefs, or some such "entertainment").

Looks like we are having a leg of lamb for dinner (Hey wife, what's up with that? To celebrate the sacraficial first son?) with cheesecake and framboise sauce.

On the post-SMSP foggy daze front, I am staring at the walls less today than I was yesterday. Tomorrow will be 1 hour easy zone 2 ride with some 5 x 1's tossed in to remind me it is only a recovery week and not an end of training period. Maybe I ought to go down in the basement and hurl a few expletives at the C7i bike to get the machine all angry and ready for me tomorrow. ;-)

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